How does one translate a dream into reality?

When Prashant Kajaria described his vision for SPA Eco City to me, my initial reaction was one of disbelief.

Everything he spoke about was against the grain. Large tracts of open space, organic vegetable and fruit farms , amenities that nobody really thinks of, but are really what people need, a full-fledged leisure resort and so much more that no developer will think it wise to offer. And all this with just 300+ villas in 38 acres.
Surely, I thought, it would be expensive and elitist, but no, it was to be offered at value for money prices.

It was unheard of. A dream, indeed!

But Prashant’s passion and conviction rang so true that they soon gripped my imagination and SPA Eco City began to take shape in my mind’s eye.
The countryside surrounding the site provided my first inspiration. Tropical trees and sprawling meadows found their way into my plans. Every house must be just a short walk from a green space, I determined. Parks, the mini farm, play areas, open spaces for the kids to run free, all fell into place.
Freedom was the ruling sentiment, but freedom needs security to be enjoyed. The woonerfs, or living streets, of the Netherlands came to mind. And thus, the natural grid of roads that formed had safe, traffic free zones.
Obviously, green would be the dominant colour, but I needed a strong secondary colour to complement it. The long flat tiled roofs of the dwellings in the nearby hamlets caught my eye. I had found my secondary colour and an idea for the roofs of the clubhouse, as well .
My mid turned to the villas.Fresh air , plenty of it, with as muchnatural light as possible, I decided. Again, I found inspiration in the vicinity – the traditional courtyard homes. The living room opening out onto an enclosed lawn. Astute use of space to provide expansive rooms, large windows…the challenge got my adrenalin flowing.
Yes, bringing SPA Eco City to life was a challenge, but an exhilarating and invigorating one. A challenge, which, I am happy to say, I have successfully overcome and added my own value to.
And what was once a dream, a mere vision in Prashant Kajaria’s mind is now fast taking shape into reality.

Indraneel Dutta, M.Arch.
Principal Architect
DKA Pvt. Ltd.