“Home” can be defined as a place where we want to connect with our true self, share priceless moments with near and dear ones; find eternal peace and discover the joys of living. In the rat race that we have all jumped into, we have forgotten the true meaning of the word “living”. We have created commitments, routines & complicated lifestyles that we have stitched around our already mundane existence. As “bread earners”, we have to take care our work/business, our children’s needs, wife’s demands, and aging parents. Wonder where one can find one’s “Me Time”? We merely exist for others.

The “Lady” of the home” is multitasking as an ideal housewife, a perfect mother, a career woman and a modern socialite. She is totally breathless, juggling between her housework, work place, husband’s demands, children’s tuition’s and doctor’s appointments, and yet keeps her aging and demanding in-laws happy.

“Children”, the life of every home, are already feeling the pressure of the pseudo world that they have arrived in. They have to cope with academic pressure, leave for school early to beat the increasing traffic of the city and arrive home late. If that is not enough, endless tuitions make them suffer the horrifying traffic again. They are barely awake to have their only hot meal of the day. Often, they would have already slept waiting for their next chapatti!

Wasn’t childhood meant to be carefree, playful, dirtying clothes on the football field, and coming home with scraped knees or fractured bones, having picked up fights with one’s best friends?

“Senior Citizens” – that’s how our aging parents are termed today. We don’t have time to take them to the doctor for their routine medical needs, or cater to their entertainment and their companionship because we are all too busy existing in our own make-believe world.

All this compels me to ask a question…

“Why exist when you can live”

I have taken a humble step with “SPA Eco City” to create a“40 acre gated community” that you would love to call home. An environment that enables you to fulfill all your roles in a stress-free manner, with value-added amenities like ATMC, Brain Wave and Notes & Steps that will provide a lot of happiness, convenience, time saving, and, above all, the most important ingredient – “Me Time”.

I invite you to discover this first-of- its-kind community for “Qualitative” living, a community that goes beyond the best of infrastructure, landscaping and amenities.

A community of happy minds and happy hearts!

Prashant Kajaria

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Prashant Kajaria

The Dreamer